mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Rakoo's adventure ( Halloween part ) & Gregg

Hey ! i'm still working on  " Rakoo's Adventure"  for OldskullGames studio when i don't make silly banners :-)
And i forgot to post the halloween part of the game...

here are some animations :-)

Here's the trailer for some who didn't watch it yet :

I also animated a game's presentation in October  : GREGG ! still for Oldskull games.
Kawaii ne !

Flash animation yayyyyy ♪

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  1. Réponses
    1. déja orti, clique sur " rakoo's adventure " sur la première phrase de cet article :-)

  2. We love your work.. students in CSUCI California!!!
    Kathleen, Rendell, Nicole, Shannon,Gabriela, Julian, Ash, Tiarah, Arhtur, Miguel, Mike, Kelsey, Graciana, Myles, Shawna.

    1. Hi everybody from California :-D i'd like so much to thank you where you are :-( i need holidays^^

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