dimanche 7 mai 2017

11 second club animations

Hello ! Here are little animations I made for 11second club ( http://www.11secondclub.com/ ) for several months, nearly each year. For those who don't know, this a website wich give an audio clip ( 11 seconds ) from a movie or a serie. Then, free to anyone who wants to participate animating with stopmotion (modeling clay), 3d ( there is a lot ) traditionnal 2d, digital 2d ( mine is one ), every work is welcome. The winner receives a review from a Very good animator (who worked for Disney or Dreamworks)

April 2017 from " ROGUE ONE "

January 2016 from " HOT FUZZ "

April 2014 from " JUNO "

mardi 23 août 2016

Multifaces Girl

Hello ! Here is an animation i made for my lovely girlfriend :)
staring a Big blue bear, a german shepherd, a cat who doesn't like bass and some rabbits because... i don' know. it's fluffy. so. it's cool.
oh, and butterflies. it was their lucky day.


Higher quality here

vendredi 7 août 2015

Raton !

Animation i made for fun with Deborah STANOJCIC ( Dubbing ), Yrgane RAMON ( Drawing )  And Pierre ANDRE ( Music ) thanks folks :)

lundi 22 juin 2015

Have a salad ♪

Musique : Tropkillaz Big Bambu feat. Sudden Beatz ( Kiwistar remix )
Software : Flash cs6 

mardi 14 avril 2015


Hello ! i draw a little bit more these days... you can find my stuff HERE

Cheers !

mercredi 4 février 2015

Sushi Test Animation

Bonjour ! Voici un petit test d'animation réalisé avec Yrgane , juste pour le fun.
Le son est tiré du spectacle d'Alexandre ASTIER " Que ma joie demeure " ( que je vous conseille vivement )